We provide you with unparalleled service

We understand that you have placed your trust in us to help you reach your financial goals. In return we provide unparalleled service. We keep you informed of the progress of your service requests and the status of the implementation of your plans. Most important, we review the plan regularly to make sure it is keeping up with the changes in your life.

The Implementation Support

  • Implement financial tools according to plan
  • Set up accounts, plans, and policies
  • Provide copies of all signed paperwork  
  • Provide weekly updates of account progress, transfers, and underwriting
  • Final confirmation of completed implementation

 The Consistent Services

  • One stop accountability of service needs
  • Weekly calls to update on progress requests
  • Assist in problems resolution
  • Confirm completion of service requests

 The Plan Confirmation

  • Provide full implementation of plans, investment and insurance programs
  • Updates on legislative changes 
  • Quarterly newsletters 
  • “Check in” contacts

The Strategic Refresher

  • Full annual review of all financial vehicles and plan strategies
  • Plan design confirmation
  • Measurement of goal achievement